04 Aug: How do search engines decide site rankings?

I may have written about this or mentioned it: folk finding you via search engines.  How do search engines decide which websites to place higher in their listings than others? That’s a well kept secret that lots of folk get paid lots to try to second guess. It’s the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This much is known: search engines value more the sites they think are more important.  So let’s start working from there.

05 Sep: WordPress Theme change: better validation

I’m continuing to learn as much piece meal or trial & error as in an organized read the manual manner. After fiddling around with the last theme until I liked it I read an article Chris Price at A3Webtech wrote.  He said, “The simplest way to check a basic level of quality, as ever, is to go to the W3C online validator at and check the website’s index page.”