06 Apr: Simply Improving Your Productivity

Background – How to be More Productive I’m spending a lot of time looking at tools and ways to improve my workflow – to get more done, to work smarter. Inspired by a post by Danny Schreiber of Zapier, I redid some of my workflow processes. Zapier is a workflow tool that connects apps together as when you add a note in Nozbe it adds a note in Evernote). I noticed the post was a write-up of Scott’s Hanselman’s talks on his Productivity. This gave it instant credibility. Scott is a programmer on the Web Platform Team at Microsoft. He is also the is the creator of the awesome Hanselman Ultimate Tools List each year. A must read. Scott’s talk was an integration of some tips I’ve heard of.  This time, they inspired.

29 Nov: Building Sites From Content Out

From Understanding Progressive Enhancement, by Aaron Gustafson, October 7th, 2008 ( An old article but a clear explanation of moving from graceful degradation (creating for the latest browsers and leaving those using older browsers with meager content) to focusing on content while not neglecting style.