Worry-Free Websites

Security Service

  • Security Monitoring
  • Cloud firewall - pre-web host
  • Security plugin
  • Daily off-site secure site back-up
  • Core and plugin updates

Performance, SEO, other services

  • Site speed monitoring
  • Usability review
  • On page SEO review
  • Local SEO Review
  • Image optimization
  • Upload & Edit Content

Common Website Worries

  • Hackers & Malware

    "How should I protect my site?"

    "Can I stay ahead of the bad guys?"


  • We're not well known

    "I wonder if more people can find my business."

    "How does this work?"

    "What is SEO?"

  • How Can I keep up with Technolog?

    "I'm not interested...rather be doing something else."

    "Where do I do this?"

    "There is so much out there..."

  • Is Our Site Fast Enough?

    "Why is it so slow?"

    "What can I do about it?"

    "I'm worried I'm losing customers."

    "I heard most leave if it takes over three seconds to see a new page."

  • What Should We be Doing?

    "Spending too much time keeping it up."

    "Worried I'm not doing it well."

  • Have Other Concerns?

    Did I miss any?

    Want to ask me questions?

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For your website to work for you it is critical these three areas work well.

  • Security
  • Fast. (AKA Performance or Optimization)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Some Ways Scott's Web Shop Can Assist:


Continual monitoring and daily security checks

Provide a state-of-the-art cloud firewall (It catches malware and blocks bad guys before they reach your web host)

Regular full site backups to off-site storage; Quickly restore site if needed


Monitor your website's page opening speed

Bring your sites' speed to under three seconds and keep it there


Review your site's usability &  local search engine optimization with you

Work with you to improve your website's presence in search engine results

You can find more on these services on the Web Services page.

A Few Comments About Scotts Website Work

"In my job, I am moving fast and dealing with multiple issues simultaneously. 

"It is a great relief for me knowing that Scott is monitoring our website and keeps it operating smoothly and efficiently. 

"I never need to deal with technology issues as he always has it covered. 

"I highly recommend “Scott’s Web Shop” to anyone seeking this type of service."

Joyce Bruggeman

Joyce Bruggeman

Executive Director, Survivors of Suicide Loss www.SOSLsd.org

"Our internet marketing has increased significantly over the last ten years.  The monthly referrals have increased 200%"

"...the online referral sheet designed by Scott, has allowed patients to self-refer rather than having to phone the office....the website gives customers and referrals sources more information than they would receive in our brochure or by phone."

Annette Conway, Psy.D.

Annette Conway, Psy.D.

HELP Behavioral Health Counseling and Psychological Assessment Services
President, 2017, San Diego Psychological Association

"Very tech savvy! Was the architect behind helptherapist.com. Always very diligent in finishing website projects.

"Because of Scott H.E.L.P. was able to build a website. The result was a substantial increase in business and many increased efficiencies.


Todd J. Conway

Entrepreneur and Advisor Co-Founder, Pillow (recently acquired by Expedia)

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