WordPress.com & Social Media Tutorials for Developing Countries’ NGOs

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WordPress.com & Social Media Tutorials Introduction

There are more links to social media tutorials than you need here. Each person has a different taste in Tutorials.  Any of these will be an adequate start.

There may be some information on strategy in a few of these first set of “how to” links.

For now, the 10,000 foot view is to blog regularly, post on your Facebook page often and daily spend a little time on Instagram.

The goal is to usher visitors who may be interested in donating to you towards you so they can learn that you exist, the problems you solve, how you solve them and what you need to continue doing that, or do it better or more often.

The tactic is to bring them to your website where the most information about your services is.

Think newspaper organization.  The front page is mostly headlines. A variety of headlines: Political. Business. Sports. Lifestyle.

Readers start there to glance at a few headlines, read a paragraph or two here and there and either put the paper down or reads onto a back page. The home page doesn’t have a lot of depth.  Nor does it have much advertising.

They locate the advertising where the reader is an interested reader, in the area that suits him or her. They can match the ads to those interests.

You ideally will only have folk reading your website who are interested in what you do and might want to offer to volunteer if they live close or donate.


Blog posts:
Publish at least every 2-3 weeks.  You can then link to them from social media which will act as posts there.
Min 3 hashtags u0026amp; 1 tag. See references below for detailed instructions on using hashtags.

Facebook Page:
You may create a Facebook page for nonprofits but I’m not sure. Of countries in Africa, I know Facebook only allows donations in South Africa.

Go to this page and follow their directions. You’ll see an option for setting up a page for nonprofits if they allow it: https://www.wildapricot.com/blogs/newsblog/2017/03/15/create-nonprofit-facebook-page-and-followers

Instagram (Facebook now owns Instagram):





Social Media Strategy

How to use Hashtags

Facebook Page: 3x/week
This is the main social media platform, second to blogging.

Articles: post links to your blog posts, good website articles
Find u0026amp; follow pertinent Facebook pages and blogs.  Re-post (share) from them.
When you’ve got six months of posting, start re-posting most popular ones that aren’t time-sensitive (called evergreen)
Include pertinent or engaging images with each post.
Captions: 3 sentences max

Instagram growth strategy:
The post in this link is excellent when you get past the pop-ups.  I highly recommend following it:

Newsletter: 1/month
Interesting links u0026amp; news

General Nonprofit Strategy:



The following is more advanced the further you read.  Good tips at the beginning.


They wrote this for small business but applies to nonprofits.