29 Jan: Online Sales Lab, New Offering from Lilach Bullock

New from Lilach Bullock: Online Sales Lab What’s this online sales lab? Let me say a bit about Lilach, first. I’ve been working with Lilach for the better part of a year…She is extraordinarily practical and focused on ROI. She paid for herself early on when she walked me through a mock negotiation with a client.  When I negotiated for real the results covered my costs with Lilach! She can be brutally honest but always to be helpful. It’s as if there’s a magnifying glass focusing the suns rays on an issue that’s holding me back…I need that honesty to see clearly and improve. What is Online Sales Lab? The Online Sales Lab is a genius and affordable way to benefit from working with Lilach and probably watch the Facebook group grow into a master group. Here is an outline of its offerings. 1. Detailed training videos such as, How…

25 Jul: Best Free WordPress Plugins from Official WordPress Directory

or A kind of simple way to find the best plugin using only the WordPress.org Directory. Have you ever been asked or wondered, “What is the best free WordPress plugin for (name the purpose)” ? I often go looking for one to make a site load faster,  for one of many other reasons a plugin might improve a site. Need to solve a problem or improve something about your WordPress Site? How to find the best plugin for this? In this post, I am going to show a simple way. It requires no coding experience. What do we mean by “best”? 1. Best construction? 2. Best support? 3. Least likely to slow down a site? 4. Updated to keep up with WordPress security updates? “Best”, like “love”, can have many meanings. We should be careful when we read or use it. How do we determine what the best plugin is?

06 Apr: Simply Improving Your Productivity

Background – How to be More Productive I’m spending a lot of time looking at tools and ways to improve my workflow – to get more done, to work smarter. Inspired by a post by Danny Schreiber of Zapier, I redid some of my workflow processes. Zapier is a workflow tool that connects apps together as when you add a note in Nozbe it adds a note in Evernote). I noticed the post was a write-up of Scott’s Hanselman’s talks on his Productivity. This gave it instant credibility. Scott is a programmer on the Web Platform Team at Microsoft. He is also the is the creator of the awesome Hanselman Ultimate Tools List each year. A must read. Scott’s talk was an integration of some tips I’ve heard of.  This time, they inspired.