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Using Best Tutorials of Gutenberg Blocks & Personas in WordPress.com

Tutorials on blogging personas & using Gutenberg blocks with WordPress.com. From a post written to a friend new to blogging and WordPress. He has a worthwhile project and a WordPress.com website to minimize costs and maintenance. He also is new to blogging and websites. I’ve edited anything personal for his privacy. As I mentioned to him, what I wrote might make a blog post and might interest others.

Funny, it’s easy for me to write to someone else I know but scary to write a blog post otherwise.

Starts here: More links. I’m not sure home much of what I sent was clear about how to use the new Gutenberg block editor. There is a lot of reference to the Gutenberg editor out in the blogs but most of what’s written are for WordPress.org—which isn’t pertinent – and also comparing it to the old editor which you need not know (being new to WordPress.com).

So here are two links to tutorials which minimize the comparison and the WordPress.org stuff. Still, just ignore any reference to the old or to things like plugins or to create blocks.

To be free and to be maintenance free, there are limitations to WordPress.com. Some of these are good. Examples are creating blocks and using plugins. You don’t need all that to get your message out or soliciting donations.

You need to tell donors how they can donate – where they can send checks, how they can pay you through PayPal or other ways you might discover and set up.

Back to the links… Here you go, two different styles and levels of depth.



As you write posts or add other content, using Gutenberg blocks, you’ll see new blocks added to WordPress.com from time to time.  There may be updates on these articles.  There will be new ones. Call me also if you get stuck or want new resources.

What I just wrote to you might make a decent blog post (hint to me, get it?). It makes sense; I hope. It’s interesting to one interested in this subject, I hope. It addresses a problem successfully; I hope. Also, I was writing it to one person, you. When you write imagine a person you’re writing to. A donor, perhaps. Someone interested in your project, though not a donor. Maybe a supporter in another way. Or someone who wants to do what you’re doing but in Egypt or Bhutan or France.

So you might get specific about thinking of these but maybe you can write specifically yet what you’re writing about is interesting to all of those personas.

Did I just say “personas”? I should send some links to explain this…more links. Don’t have to read them soon or all or at all.




There’s a lot of overlap in what these are saying. Sometimes it helps to learn something by this redundancy.

Each piece is a little different, so it is almost like a 3-D or maybe even a hologram of the subject.

Did I ever mention I wonder if I was a research librarian in a past life if there was such? Late warning. I love to research topics such as these.

For more on subjects, like tutorials on using Gutenberg blocks or personas check back on this blog occasionally or follow me on LinkedIn where I re-post articles on website care I think are interesting or my Facebook Page where my postings are more re-posts on marketing or SEO. For completeness, The Instagram page (posting there is rare, so far) and Pinterest.

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