Certificate Programs (2009-2011):
Web Server Maintenance u0026amp; Security Program
Interactive Media Certificate Program
Website Specialist Program (Website design u0026amp; development)
– San Diego Continuing Education  2009 – 2011

Independent courses include:

Joomla CMS
WordPress CMS
Android Apps Creation
-San Diego Continuing Education  2008 – 2011
B.S., Biology, minor in Botany. SDSU. 1968
M.A. General Psychology (Experimental Design). SDSU. 1984
M.A. Counseling Psychology, National U. 1990

Survivors of Suicide Loss 2008 – current

– Board Member
– Webmaster
– Facilitator

Scott’s Web Shop, 2009 – current.


Dad was a mechanic and I guess I inherited his ability to fix things. Cars were his forte and now computers are mine.

Repairing things interested me since long before the internet was a thing.  Before I got into web design and network security, I was a hospice counselor for over 20 years.

Back then, my specialty lay in restoring the bereaved to full health, and today I do something similar for people’s websites.

It was in the early 2000s, while working as a coordinator for a bereavement foundation, that I discovered the value of the internet to organizations. I made my first foray into web design, giving the foundation’s website a much-needed makeover. I was hooked.

From then on, I dabbled in web design and IT everywhere I worked, and by 2009 I was ready to go it alone and launch my business, Scott’s Web Shop. I’d been studying CSS and PHP for a while by this stage and was also conversant with platforms such as WordPress and Joomla.

Whether it’s making sure your site is visible on Google or shoring up its security to prevent unauthorized access, I provide a complete range of web services.

No two clients are the same, so while one might leave me to design, build and update their entire website, another will request tuition in updating page content or plugins.

With IT, I exhibit the same patience and understanding that characterized my career as a counselor. I appreciate that everyone has their own ability level and way of working, and I do my utmost to accommodate that.

My passion is for bringing websites to life and for helping their owners make the web work for them.

Whether you’re a sole trader or a small company looking to take your website to the next level, get in touch. I’d love to hear from you and to get a feel for what I can do to help.