05 May: Good Intro to Search Engine Optimization

“Most people want to believe that there is some sort of “magic bullet” that, when applied to their HTML, will raise a site to the top of search results. Like all magic, this belief is an illusion, one fostered by so-called “search engine optimization professionals” – from the Introduction to Search Engine Optimization on Dudley Storey’s blog, demosthenes.info.  This series, like others on his site is clear, easy to follow and helpful.

04 Aug: How do search engines decide site rankings?

I may have written about this or mentioned it: folk finding you via search engines.  How do search engines decide which websites to place higher in their listings than others? That’s a well kept secret that lots of folk get paid lots to try to second guess. It’s the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This much is known: search engines value more the sites they think are more important.  So let’s start working from there.

03 Aug: LinkedIn set up links

Dave Almos suggested I set up the LinkedIn account.  I spent most of yesterday researching and doing just that. It’s been a kick.  I suggest getting into that as a way to getting your mind back into computers and job stuff if you need to. It’s helped me focus. I had no idea the connections I have – then there are groups within LinkedIn to join or start.

18 Oct: Camestasia

A teacher took me to a class on using Camtasia Studio, a new to me screen recorder tool. Maybe it was the instructor, but it is dead simple to use. The teachers use it to develop online lessons  or  tutorials  videoed directly from their desktops. I have been working with video for first time recently when SOSL asked me to to take their DVD of last year’s walk and upload bits of it to the website for this year’s walk. I found free software (FormatFactory) to first convert it to MP4 then another freebie (Avidemux 2.5 to edit it.

06 Sep: Page Rank, Simply

I have been researching a plan of action for getting a client’s site found via Google. Lot’s of web marketing stuff out there on things like how to use keywords. What’s Web 2.0 for reams? Watched a video yesterday by Matt Cutts who is head of Google’s Webspam team. He does a lot of videos on common sense ways to handle SEO.

05 Sep: WordPress Theme change: better validation

I’m continuing to learn as much piece meal or trial & error as in an organized read the manual manner. After fiddling around with the last theme until I liked it I read an article Chris Price at A3Webtech wrote.  He said, “The simplest way to check a basic level of quality, as ever, is to go to the W3C online validator at http://validator.w3.org and check the website’s index page.”

21 Aug: Technorati link

This is so Technorati can verify that this blog is real and I own it. Technorati is an internet search engine for searching blogs. Registering Scott’s Web Shop Blog with them will make it more visible on the web