Boost Your Productivity; See Why When You Use Two Free Simple Tips

I recently completed Tonia Kendricks excellent 10-day Biz Boost Challenge. She is a wonder at organizing, productivity and producing resources for the freelancer or solopreneur. If this interests you, drop by her site, Solopreneur Diaries.

Productivity Tip One: For The Workday

I have found that using the timer on my phone is helpful. The idea is to set it for a length of time that I’ve found is productive. The original version of the Pomodoro Technique is 25 minutes, followed by a 5-10 minute break. This cycle repeats  4 times then there’s a longer break.

As mentioned I’ve found 50/15 cycles are better for me. A further hack of it is to pick tasks that will take that time to do. Knowing your time is up soon makes it less likely you’ll allow you’ll be distracted.

I’ve found a big difference in the number of tasks done on the days I remember to use my timer and the days I don’t. This encourages me to check the lessons and resources Tonia provided.


Productivity Tip Two: Batching It

Another suggestion Tonia gave us is to essentially batch our tasks. See more on Michael Hyatt’s blog (

Because one of my website projects is complex and urgent, I’m devoting weekdays to it, tasks that come up from other clients and writing. I aim for 7 hours of work on those days. Weekends, I work 6 hours.

Saturdays are devoted to Scott’s Web Shop matters like blogging or improving the website. Sundays I devote to coding and other deeper learning related to improving my understanding WordPress.

It lightens my day to clear other projects or tasks except the one’s I’m working on. It’s also very good to stay with a project for most of the workday.


The modified Pomodoro Technique combined with the batching I’ve described have made my work week more productive while inducing less anxiety from feeling overwhelmed.

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