29 Jan: Online Sales Lab, New Offering from Lilach Bullock

New from Lilach Bullock: Online Sales Lab What’s this online sales lab? Let me say a bit about Lilach, first. I’ve been working with Lilach for the better part of a year…She is extraordinarily practical and focused on ROI. She paid for herself early on when she walked me through a mock negotiation with a client.  When I negotiated for real the results covered my costs with Lilach! She can be brutally honest but always to be helpful. It’s as if there’s a magnifying glass focusing the suns rays on an issue that’s holding me back…I need that honesty to see clearly and improve. What is Online Sales Lab? The Online Sales Lab is a genius and affordable way to benefit from working with Lilach and probably watch the Facebook group grow into a master group. Here is an outline of its offerings. 1. Detailed training videos such as, How…

05 May: Good Intro to Search Engine Optimization

“Most people want to believe that there is some sort of “magic bullet” that, when applied to their HTML, will raise a site to the top of search results. Like all magic, this belief is an illusion, one fostered by so-called “search engine optimization professionals” – from the Introduction to Search Engine Optimization on Dudley Storey’s blog, demosthenes.info.  This series, like others on his site is clear, easy to follow and helpful.

21 Aug: Technorati link

This is so Technorati can verify that this blog is real and I own it. Technorati is an internet search engine for searching blogs. Registering Scott’s Web Shop Blog with them will make it more visible on the web