Online Sales Lab, New Offering from Lilach Bullock

New from Lilach Bullock: Online Sales Lab

What’s this online sales lab? Let me say a bit about Lilach, first. I’ve been working with Lilach for the better part of a year…She is extraordinarily practical and focused on ROI.

She paid for herself early on when she walked me through a mock negotiation with a client.  When I negotiated for real the results covered my costs with Lilach!

She can be brutally honest but always to be helpful. It’s as if there’s a magnifying glass focusing the suns rays on an issue that’s holding me back…I need that honesty to see clearly and improve.

What is Online Sales Lab?

The Online Sales Lab is a genius and affordable way to benefit from working with Lilach and probably watch the Facebook group grow into a master group. Here is an outline of its offerings.

1. Detailed training videos such as,

How to:
   – Transfer your existing business to an online model
   – Network Online
   – Position yourself as an expert in your niche 

 Online tech – what do you REALLY need (and how much is it going to cost?)   

 Why mindset is going to be your new best friend

Your daily routine, what you should and should NOT be doing each day – video. 

 Who is your ideal client, and why do you care? 

 5 ways to generate leads without paying for Facebook ads 

Rolodex of my personal favorite tools (and I’ve reviewed thousands so I know which are the best!) 

 Top 5 social media platforms that you need to be using

The small business guide to Google Analytics 

How to:
   – create an editorial calendar template
   – create goals in Google Analytics
   – make money from blogging 

List of top quality blogs that accept guest blogs (over 450) * 


2. Q&A Sessions

Lilach will have these in the context of the Facebook Group.

3. Facebook Group

The Online Sales Lab’s Facebook group, in addition to the Q& A sessions will be a place to exchange and receive support from others working in their the online business.

4. Rewards

From my experience, any and all parts of this work involves stretching. Lilach recognizes this and rewards it. An example you ask?  This blog post and repost onto social media give me an entry into a drawing for one year of the online sales lab for free.  But wait, make a video, for me a huge stretch and I get two entries.

Not a reward like in free beer but a deeper reward.  You see, I’ve been waiting for a perfect work of art to post.  I’ve also been reading how shipping trumps perfection. So I’m inserting an imperfect video version of this post.  It’s the first take. I’m reading my notes. I also read that if you’re not embarrassed at your first post or delivery then you worked too long on it.

Well, I pass the embarrassment test. Big time. 

You see, after watching the video, I repositioned the camera.  It fell behind the desk into some inaccessible chasm.  I don’t have a half a day this week to go deep diving into territory that will likely have the consequence of trashing one of my monitors.

So here is the video for your amusement.

5. Case Studies

Case studies will be used to help us dive a little deeper into how all this works.

The Fine Print

Here are the financial particulars for Lilach’s Online Sales Lab. It costs $1.00 first week then $37/month if you’re one of the first 100 or you purchase before February 1, 2018. I understand the monthly price will double starting February 1.

There is no contract. It’s pay as you go.

*blog post