15 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

There are a few easy ways to speed up your WordPress website.  Last week, I visited a beautiful website of an art therapist after reading her monthly newsletter. It took forever to open. It was easy to track down the reasons and suggest some fixes to her that she could do herself.  I’ll share some here.

hands at computer

How to Create a Responsive Contact Form in Joomla Without a Plugin

Discovered contact us form in Joomla 2.5 was broken badly. Time to replace plugin or use Joomla’sbuilt-inn form. Decided to use Joomla’s form to keep site light. I set up a form for the client using Joomla 2.5’s contact form. She liked how it looked and worked. But – it breaks when viewed in smart phones.

Building Sites From Content Out

From Understanding Progressive Enhancement, by Aaron Gustafson, October 7th, 2008 (http://alistapart.com/article/understandingprogressiveenhancement). An old article but a clear explanation of moving from graceful degradation (creating for the latest browsers and leaving those using older browsers with meager content) to focusing on content while not neglecting style.