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a child's block, a play on the words Gutenberg blocks

Using Best Tutorials of Gutenberg Blocks & Personas in

Tutorials on blogging personas & using Gutenberg blocks with From a post written to a friend new to blogging and WordPress. He has a worthwhile project and a website to minimize costs and maintenance. He also is new to blogging and websites. I’ve edited anything personal for his privacy. As I mentioned to… Continue Reading Using Best Tutorials of Gutenberg Blocks & Personas in

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Writing Reminder: 10 Tips for Improving My Writing

I love to write once I start. I don’t start often enough. I need this reminder from Copyblogger placed here and about my workspace. Perhaps you do as well. Like this graphic? Get more content marketing and copywriting articles from Copyblogger.

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How to Create a Responsive Contact Form in Joomla Without a Plugin

Discovered contact us form in Joomla 2.5 was broken badly. Time to replace plugin or use Joomla’sbuilt-inn form. Decided to use Joomla’s form to keep site light. I set up a form for the client using Joomla 2.5’s contact form. She liked how it looked and worked. But – it breaks when viewed in smart phones.