First steps…CMS?

I woke up thinking the first thing to write about in setting up a web site is deciding whether to use a content management system (CMS) or make your site from scratch using an html editor

Then realized that first is being clear about why to have a web site. What is it’s goal or goals.

In my case am building three sites. This blog, where my goal is to instruct, learn, and bring attention to my second site which will be primarily an ad for my web business. Both will have as secondary goals as a collection of resources.

The third site will be like an ad for my private practice where I introduce myself and the services I provide.

What are your goals for your site(s)?

Also, before deciding on how to build the site is deciding on where to have the site. That is, where to host it. Found a helpful discussion of these issues here. BTW, the link goes to one of my favorite resources for free software. Be warned: a great deal of time can be spent there.