First steps…CMS?

I woke up thinking the first thing to write about in setting up a web site is deciding whether to use a content management system (CMS) or make your site from scratch using an html editor

Then realized that first is being clear about why to have a web site. What is it’s goal or goals.

In my case am building three sites. This blog, where my goal is to instruct, learn, and bring attention to my second site which will be primarily an ad for my web business. Both will have as secondary goals as a collection of resources.

The third site will be like an ad for my private practice where I introduce myself and the services I provide.

What are your goals for your site(s)?

Also, before deciding on how to build the site is deciding on where to have the site. That is, where to host it. Found a helpful discussion of these issues here. BTW, the link goes to one of my favorite resources for free software. Be warned: a great deal of time can be spent there.

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I have my website with Homestead and I spoke to their tech support to find out how to put a “Print page” on my pages. They don’t have anything in Sitebuilder that can do that, but they told me to find some code somewhere for that function and then just place it in. Where would I look for it?
Thanks for your help!

Hi DeeDee,
First question would indeed be a bit of a challenge. Looks like you’ll need to have some JavaScript code inserted in an appropriate spot in the body of your html file.

I search around for code to print pages. There is some out there but I think you want code which will give the visitor the option to print a clean page without all the pictures and stuff which can use up ink.

Here’s a good discussion of the issue which includes the code:

You might refer the folk at Homestead to the above link.

thanks for the A List Apart website. Very cool place. I read through what they said about the print page code and I might go back and use it. Today a new problem presented itself. I have my domain name with “namecheap”. It is very cheap to have it with them, but since it is free with the package from Homestead, I want to move my domain to them. I went over how it’s done with the Homestead people and then I went on “live-chat” with namecheap. When I told them what I wanted, they literally stopped talking to me! I’m going to try again tomorrow… especially look for a phone number. I’m sure they don’t want to lose my $10/month, but this isn’t very good business practice!

Hi DeeDee,

Sorry you had a problem with namecheap. They’ve had generally good reviews.

Not sure if you’re looking for advice on this but checked out their site, didn’t see a phone number. Did see a number of options under submitting a ticket. Try one of those, such as “Domains – transfers”. Be sure to include your experience today. Might even do that in a separate ticket. If you paid originally with your cc your cc company might also help.

Thanks for those ideas. My main concern is that I understand that it can take some time to move a domain and during that changeover, your site is down! Namecheap could seriously damage me if they try to punish me for moving. And I could never prove that they were doing anything out of the ordinary as they could just say that things took longer than usual and they don’t know why. It’s possible that I’m being paranoid…. hmmmmm I like your idea of the ticket so I’ll do that and go from there

I’m only beginning to get experience with moving domains from one host to another – I’m in the process of doing just that with two sites.

One of the ways I think this can work is to have an up to date version of the site that’s not on the current – or old – host and put that up on your new host. Then it’s a matter of having the DNS where your domain is registered point to your new site location. This part can take a few days and has nothing to do with hosts as I understand it

Here’s a better, more detailed explanation:

Matt also goes into changing to a different domain but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

Do you have a copy of your site on your computer? If not you should get one. Download it from your current server using ftp.
Here’s link to reviews of free FTP clients:

I use Filezilla. It’s free and pretty straight forward to use. Here’s one tutorial:

More great help and ideas! Thanks!
Thought I’d share an amazing happening. When I visited my daughter in LA on Friday, I checked my site on her Mac and to my horror, on my fee page there appeared a huge flower that I had tried out very early on and it was covering some of the content! I haven’t seen it on any other computer and never on mine. So when I came home, I looked all over the screen for it, sending things to the back and to the front and simply could not find it! When Rich and I were in the mall yesterday, we went into the Apple store and I asked one of the salespeople about it. I brought it up and showed him. He was able to see the code or it… it was java script, which Sitebuilder doesn’t support… and he emailed the code to me. I was going to call Sitebuilder help line but I read through their facts and they stated that they could not help with client imported java script. Soooo, I was able to go to the files menu, and I actually FOUND the FILE and deleted it myself!!! I called my daughter to check the site for me, and she said the flower was gone!!! Can you believe how nice and accommadating that Apple guy was??? If it wasn’t for him, I have no idea how I would ever have resolved this issue!!

DeeDee, You’re going to become a programmer yet! Congratulations!

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